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Discover the Secrets of Chakra (Dough) Basti

Learn to treat specific areas of the body including the chakras utilizing dough “dams” containing medicated herbal oils. Experience the benefits of Basti while learning to share them with others.



Chakra dough bastis are powerful treatments that restore balance to the flow of prana into organs, chakras and marma points and also pacify vitiated dosha. Prepared containers are made from the flour of special black bean (urad dal) to contain warm herbal oils over certain parts of the body such as the chakras, marma points, glands, and the eyes. In this 35-hour workshop, students will learn how to prepare the dough and work in groups of two, giving and receiving these beautiful treatments.


  • Dough dam preparation
  • Discussion of various herbal preparations
  • Katti Basti (low back)
  • Netra Basti (eyes)
  • Hrd Basti (physical & emotional heart)
  • Chakra Basti


Ragaia Belovarac

Ragaia Belovarac


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