Essential Oil – Fir Needle .5 fl. oz.


Essential Oil – Fir Needle – .5 fl. oz.

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Essential Oil - Fir Needle - .5 fl. oz.

Our organic fir needle oil is steam distilled from the needles of Abies balsamea which is indigenous to Canada and northern areas of the United States. It uplifts the spirits and helps bring about a sense of ease. It makes a wonderful addition to grounding room sprays.

This species of pine is most recognized as a Christmas tree in North America making it reminiscent of the holiday season. Despite its ties to winter this oil can be reinvigorating and energizing year-round.


The crisp coniferous aroma of fir needle essential oil has a soft-green scent. It evokes the comforting feel of being surrounded by an evergreen forest and has bright top notes that are citrus-like with an aromatic piney body.


This oil contains β - pinene, δ-3-carene, bornyl acetate, α-pinene, and limonene.

The compound β-Pinene is also found in spruce, nutmeg and lemon essential oils. δ-3-Carene is found in sage, black pepper and cypress while bornyl acetate is most prevalent in spruce and rosemary.

Blending and Uses

Fir needle essential oil blends well with other forest-like oils such as spruce, lemon and peppermint oils, as well as oils in the herbaceous family like rosemary and thyme. It has a medium aroma and thin consistency. For a bright refreshing scent try combining fir needle with grapefruit and lavender essential oils with a carrier oil or hydrosol.

This oil boasts the ability to uplift the mood and create a calm atmosphere, making it a wonderful addition to diffuser blends. Combine fir needle, cedarwood, and cypress for a cozy warming atmosphere.

It can also be used in steam baths with eucalyptus to soothe the occasional sore throat or seasonal cough.


This oil can cause skin sensitization if oxidized. Never use essential oils undiluted, in eyes or mucus membranes. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. Keep away from children and pets. Before using perform a small patch test on your inner forearm or back. Apply a small quantity of diluted essential oil and cover with a bandage. If you experience any irritation use carrier oil or cream to further dilute the essential oil, and then wash with soap and water. If no irritation occurs after 48 hours, it is safe to use on your skin. Learn more about using essential oils

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