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This Organic Ghee candle is named after our beloved Moona, the cow at the heart of our logo. Since ancient times, the cow has been regarded as the most sacred animal in India, revered for her gentle spirit and giving nature. The cow must be protected and cared for, so we hold her with the highest gratitude. This candle is made from Grass-Fed Ghee and is commonly used in Yoga and meditation practice.

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The eyes are the gateway to the soul…

Candle gazing, or Trataka in Sanskrit, provides a focus for the eyes, helping to quiet the mind and deepened meditation. According to Ayurveda, gazing at a ghee flame soothes the eyes, promotes mental clarity, strengthens discernment and concentration, enhances deep relaxation, and promotes inner peace. This hand-poured ghee candle beautifully complements any meditation practice.

This meditation candle contains only natural essential oils of sandalwoodclary sage, and lavender, which are meant to gently enhance meditation without overwhelming the senses with artificial fragrance.

As the candle burns, you’ll find a crystal cultivated from the earth that is naturally grounding to assist in your spiritual practice. Infuse your intentions into this stone throughout the meditation and then carry it with you to access these positive vibrations.

Burn time is approximately 14 hours.

Farmtrue Organic Grass-Fed Ghee, Locally Sourced Beeswax, Pure Essential Oils


We use ghee as a base oil in our body care because it hydrates, protects, and nourishes the skin on a very deep level. It absorbs beautifully when massaged into the skin vs creams that generally just sit on the skin's surface. Because we infuse all of our herbal ingredients in ghee, we are able to maximize this oil’s ability to carry the benefits of those herbs, deeply into the tissues for optimal results.


A natural protectant for the skin, raw beeswax helps to hold in moisture and reduce dryness without clogging pores. Raw beeswax is a good source of Vitamin A helping to rejuvenate the skin.


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